Moon Ga-young in "Find Me In Your Memory" dressed by Lucie Brochard.võ

Actress Moon Ga-young was wearing Lucie Brochard.võ in the Korean drama Find me In Your Memory.

On episode 1st, Moon Ga-young is wearing our iconic Aberdeen cap coat from the Highlands collection in a scene with actor Rowoon. You will easily recognize the style of Lucie Brochard.võ: mixing scottish allure with french elegance, our Aberdeen coat own a unique pattern and design that perfecly fit the beautiful Moon Ga Young.

About the Highlands collection : 

A foggy awakening in the Highlands, a fresh cool wind, a smoke emanating from the lochs sometimes give us glimpses of silhouettes, colors, drawn from myths and legends, the legacy of the Scottish tartans.
Through this journey, Lucie choses the nest cashmeres, lambswool and tartans to illustrate this collection.

Available on Netflix,  Find Me In Your Memory is a love story between Lee Jung-Hoon, a news anchor (Kim Dong Wook) and Yeo Ha-Jin (Moon Ga Young) an actress (Moon Ga Young) struggling with her career because of she is regularly criticized for her acting. 

Jung-Hoon has a condition wich causes him to remember everything that has ever happened in his life. His hyperthymesia is a burden for him since he recalls traumatic events in vivid detail.

Yeo Ha-Jin is a very joyful rising actress suffering from amnesia and doesn’t remember a large part of her life. Their paths are bound to cross and their feelings develop little by little.

Will they be able to overcome their difficulties, understand each other, and fall in love at the end ?

 Find me in your memory was aired on MBC TV from march 18 to May 13,2020.

Thanks to its sucess and the talent of Kim Dong Wook  and Moon Ga-young, the show was nominated for severals categories at the 39th MBC Drama award.

Like so, it was awarded "Best couple" (Kim dong wook & Moon Ga Young) and "Excellence Award, Actress in a Wednesday-Thursday Miniseries" (Kim Seul gi).

 Find Me In Your Memory Trailer


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