Lucie Brochard profil

Lucie Brochard is a Parisian designer who grew up at the crossroads of French, Vietnamese and Korean cultures.
Lucie’s diverse background, her passion for travel, and her numerous international experiences, from Japan to the United States,
began shaping her creative vision at an early age.

After graduating from the prestigious École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in 2007, 
Lucie started her career working in the design studios of luxury brands such as Chloe, Paule Ka and Christian Lacroix. 
She then continued to develop her work experience in the urban universe
working for brands such as Nice Collective in San Francisco and Freeman T. Porter. Attention to details, the choice of fabrics and colours, and the ongoing quest for comfort are the key values of her brand.

The Lucie Brochard.võ brand was born in November 2015 when Lucie decided to visit Ho Chi Minh city for the first time a visit that turned into a 2-year stay. Lucie was captivated by the bustling energy of Vietnam, its wealth of colours, skilled artisans, and charming culture in which karma directly influences business practices. She also discovered the unique quality of the silk produced by local artisans that is deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture.  

She soon connected the savoir-faire of Paris couture with Saigon’s artisans
by training them to master the same calibre of techniques used in high-end French manufacturing.

Today, the collections seduce travel aficionados and businesswomen all over the world, from Paris, to Seoul, to Beirut, to Seattle. They have been presented at Paris and Seoul Fashion Weeks since 2016.