Lucie's creations are inspired by a world in constant movement. She proposes eclectic fashion that thrives on the confluence of cultures and diversity. In her universe, contrasts complement one another, and emotions become colours.

LUCIE BROCHARD.võ redefines the classics of a contemporary feminine wardrobe by combining her taste for new horizons with traditional savoir-faire, exceptional fabrics, and urban silhouettes.

Refined while never ostentatious, the brand offers luxury through subtle details such as silk lining and hand-sewn finishing touches. Its two fundamental assets: designs and patterns made in France and traditional silk craftmanship made in Vietnam.


Lucie has retained a passion for precision and refined materials from her past experience in menswear. She deconstructs sartorial traditions by mixing them with sensual elements from womenswear. A blazer or oversized coat is softened by a silky lining and delicate handwork.

With the softness of its touch, its intangible lightness, its perfect drape, and a breath-taking colour range, silk is the soul of the brand.

The designer puts all her creative energy and technical knowledge into reimagining the material. Through pleating, layering, the juxtaposition of textures, and unexpected colours, the silk is reworked in minute details such as in the lining of a blazer, on a buttonhole, or on a lapel. The silk endows the garment with an allure of luxury and comfort.


The creative process begins with the creation of a moodboard, a visual composition that captures the images, textures and emotions that have marked Lucie's conceptual journey. This inspiration board becomes the backdrop for the new collection, guiding the designer through a kaleidoscope of colors and feelings.

What makes Lucie so unique is her ability to gracefully blend unexpected colours, creating striking contrasts. She also explores the different nuances within a single shade, ensuring that each variation is meticulously chosen to evoke a particular emotion.