Retro chic, from Los Angeles to San Francisco drawing on the aesthetics of the films Mulholland Drive by David Lynch, Single man by Tom Ford or even Hollywood by Ryan Murphy.
Lucie plays with time and places to embark on an imaginary and fantastical dressing room
“California Sunset”
A collection featuring her iconic blouses, her airy dresses available in warm and luminous colors inspired by California, on the other hand bright and soft reminiscent of pop art. Or a daring calibration of the flamboyant red of the faux fur GATSBY coat or the controlled Prince of Wales coat on the LINQ coat with an inclusive/mixed shape and size.
This new collection exudes an energetic, optimistic and luminous atmosphere, a certain elegant poetry.
 Lucie dreams of her Californian road trip!
FYI Lucie will be there from August 16 to 30!

Vidéo: Agence Raffut
Models : Chimel Thomas - Naomi Chau - Lysa Thieffry

Our pieces are delicately made by artisan workshops. The noble materials are carefully chosen so that each of our products are unique and provide you with comfort.

Lucie Brochard