Our wardrobe travels in Jakarta! 🇮🇩

Last November, we inaugurated our first corner in Indonesia ( pop up store ) in Lakon, with a show presenting a careful selection of pieces adapted to the tropical climate.
Indonesia welcomed me and I feel so lucky for discovering it through a unique vision, the one of Thresia, creator of Lakon”
Fashion show Lakon LUCIE BROCHARD.võ
LUCIE BROCHARD.vo Lakon indonesie
"10 intense days meeting young Indonesian designers, craftsmen and one of the masters of batik Dudung Aliesyahbana in Pekalongan. A unique savoir-faire, a culture rich in history, a trip that brought me an unexpected angle of thinking."
Détails d'artisans travaillant le motif BATIK en Indonésie
The Batik

The origins of batik goes back more than a thousand years. This printing process is quite complex, using "wax reserve dyeing" a unique and fascinating skill that will "hide" a part of the fabric from the dye. This textile dyeing technique is found in many communities in West Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

There are two main styles of this "textile painting" in Java, the Javanese batik being the most elaborate of all: 

1.that of the royal cities of Solo, Yogyakarta and Banyumas in the center of the island 

2.that of the northern coast or Pasisir, represented in particular by Cirebon, Pekalongan and Lasem.

This craft technique maintains a unique/singular/exceptional savoir-faire following very particular steps: 
The artisans start by drawing a pattern on the fabric to be reproduced (1) and then immerse the fabric in a hot wax bath (2). Once the fabric has cooled down, they will first remove the wax -with a stylus- from the areas destined to receive a first color (3), which is applied either by immersing in a dye bath or with a brush (4). The artisans repeat operations 2 to 4 for each of the other colors to be applied. The final  step is to remove the wax, usually by soaking in boiling water.Détails d'artisans travaillant le Batik

Lucie was part of this program co-organized by the French Institute Indonesia and Lakon - with two French brands: Reiner and Studio Clandestin. 

Lakon Indonesia created by Thresia, is not just a brand or an ordinary store.
It is a cultural ecosystem founded to preserve the Indonesian culture and the batik, its ancestral savoir-faire, presented above. The goal is also to encourage young designers by creating PINTU Incubator, an incubator program for young designers creating a Franco-Indonesian relationship.


"It was a privilege and a real pleasure for me, to have lived this trip, alongside inspiring people. 🤍

They invited us to bring them our point of view and at the end they gave us a very avant-garde and more than authentic vision.”

 Thank you Indonésia,
You took a part of my heart


Our pieces are delicately made by artisan workshops. The noble materials are carefully chosen so that each of our products are unique and provide you with comfort.

Lucie Brochard