It is essential to remember everyday, all the fights led by women to obtain our current rights, there is still a long way to go, battles to win because we have noticed nothing is acquired. 💜


Since 1975, is celebrated every March 8 the international day of women's rights.
We celebrate women, their victories and their battles.

This day allows us to raise awareness and share our claims in order to live and evolve in a better world, let's not forget that at the present time, not all women in the world have the same rights.

At LUCIE BROCHARD.võ, the women empowerment takes an important place in our creations and our brand DNA. We wish to accompany women through each stage, each trial of their life with our wardrobe thought and designed for their daily life.

We want to show that it’s possible to believe in our dreams, that it’s important not to let go of what gives rhythm to our daily being, what makes us want to go on and achieve the most beautiful things.

The LUCIE BROCHARD.võ adventure is also one of a woman who wished to live from her passion, from her love for sharing her ideas and her creations with women.


All the love,


Our pieces are delicately made by artisan workshops. The noble materials are carefully chosen so that each of our products are unique and provide you with comfort.

Lucie Brochard