BREATHE - Destination : Vietnam

In March 2023, I went for a few days to Vietnam for a business and inspirational trip.


📅 March 2023 - Paris

Departure for Ho Chi Minh is imminent, I'm ready to leave Paris and its 10 degrees for the humid and hot climate of Vietnam.

One of my main priorities in creating my brand was to preserve the savoir-faire of artisans with silken hands, delicately working this unique fabric with breathtaking finishes.
I'll take you to the heart of the production process to discover all the secrets of this craft that must be preserved. I'm not forgetting my trip essentials for this vibrant and dynamic city: flip-flops, helmet and scooter!

📅 March - 4:00a.m. Ho Chi Minh

An early wake-up call as I'm going to Bao Loc, a 5.30 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh. This early wake-up justifies the importance of this day: I'm taking you right to the center of silk production so that you can discover this incredible process.

After this 5.30 hours drive, we start with a visit to the leaf fields (mainly mulberry leaves), which are essential for feeding the silkworms. These silkworms are raised by local people, it was fantastic to see that this savoir-faire is also maintained thanks to the them, which is why its history is so rich.

A single cocoon can contain hundreds of meters of thread.

Next, I went to meet the craftsmen at the factory who do such remarkable work. Unfortunately since covid, many employees have left, young people want a modern job. This may be worrying for the future and the maintenance of this savoir-faire, as fewer employees means less production. 

Before unwinding, the cocoons are immersed in boiling water, then the threads from several cocoons are pulled through the winder at the same time. The threads are crossed to make them stronger and more flexible, and then cleaned to remove impurities.
They are then wound to weave the warp and weft threads to create the fabric.
After the weaving process the fabric will be immersed in an alum bath, making it more flexible and more receptive to possible dyes.
Our dyes can be made to measure, there's a wide range of possibilities.
📅 March - Ho Chi Minh

Today I take you inside our main silk and cotton workshop. Since we met, each collection is a performance. We've always worked hand-in-hand to share our various savoir-faire, skills and knowledge. I'm delighted to work with these craftswomen with their silken hands and real expertise in the field.
Crossing the hyperactivity of Ho Chi Minh on a scooter, I then go to the workshop specializing in tailors, whom I trust completely. They have an expertise in tailoring that makes them unique, with stunning finishes.

📅 Time to leave - Ho Chi Minh

Of course before leaving I go to the Benh Thanh market, to get some coffee from this city which is so important to me. If the opportunity comes up, I 100% recommend you to go and discover Vietnam. This country is so rich in history, culture, landscapes and encounters.

See you soon 💚

Our pieces are delicately made by artisan workshops. The noble materials are carefully chosen so that each of our products are unique and provide you with comfort.

Lucie Brochard